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Faith and love.
Feet and hands.
With these values and with these vessels, Cody and Maryanne Scates have overcome trials and tribulations and emerged victorious in Christ, bringing His word to life through the designs of Presley Ryann Jewelry. When Cody Scates was a young teenager, he happened upon a small, silver foot that resonated with his love of God and his belief that Jesus Christ died for our sins. With his earthly father’s guidance, he crafted the foot into a pendant he wore on a leather cord as a tangible expression of his own faith, drilling a hole in the silver to represent the crucifixion and soldering a nail into that hole to portray Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice when he died on the cross.


When Cody met his bride, Maryanne, they were yoked by a love for their Heavenly Father, one another and their family. They continuously strive to walk boldly in their faith and lead their children, Cason and Presley, with Godly wisdom and knowledge of His Word.


Their hope is that Presley Ryann designs become part of your faith journey.


The hands represent their gratefulness for His protection,

grace, mercy and unconditional love for His children.



The feet reflects their foundation in Christ and their journey to Him,

solidly planted on the ground. 



 The spike represents the pain and suffering that Jesus went through on the cross to

die for our sins. Without the spike, His grace, mercy, salvation, righteousness and

healing would all lay silently at the cross.

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